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Louis Vuitton bag ahop was opened in Nanjing

Is actually a piece of information four years ago, according to the "Nanjing lv opening scene!! Buy cabbage ah!!" Yesterday, one four years ago, lv (Louis Vuitton) was

opened in Nanjing, photos berserk was in microblogging netizens dig, as of 9:00 last night, only one of the microblogging ... louis vuitton epi leather pont neuf gm noir m59042 lv bags

Microblogging mad rush to buy LV mass of Nanjing photo is actually 4 years ago, according to a data
"Nanjing LV opening scene!! Buy cabbage ah!!" Yesterday, one four years ago, LV (Louis Vuitton) was opened in Nanjing in the micro-Bo Feng Qiang photos users have

been dug, as of 9:00 last night, Only one of the microblogging forward volume reached 2.6 million times, comment 4566. Other forward to it, and continue forward in

the amount and comments are also more than four digits.
Many users have shouted: "Nanjing are too crazy, too much money." 4 years later, the reporter found, Nanjing, more and more luxury brands, and business is getting

better. Even this year, CPI innovative high, the stock market downturn, the property market faces turning point, a luxury brand is still upstream, not only did not affect

louis vuitton damier key pouch scribe brown n63094 lv purses
sales, but price increases are in the pipeline after another.
□ Express correspondent An Ying
4 years ago, "berserk LV" was when yesterday's "news"
Yesterday, at the micro crazy pass a photo blog, luxury brand LV (Louis Vuitton) opened in Nanjing, the public berserk, like a few cents a pound cabbage. Just one day the

photo reproduced amounted to tens of thousands of times. Many users have mistakenly thought it was the day on June 15, LV opening scene in Nanjing, Nanjing shouted

the money, can not afford to injury. Even some of the major aspects of society have seen the star of this battle are to scare. Actor Niu Li said: "This year starve no money,

Cheng Si rich! Spiritual emptiness can only use this method to make up." Rui in the micro-Bo said: "luxury brand behind the brand's overall emphasis on their cultural

history of aristocratic elegance content. In fact, culture is dynamic, constantly varied, and this picture is culture. corrupt, bribe, spoiled rich second, mistress, riches

unscrupulous coal bosses, vanity, ignorance, these are part of the These man-made luxury brands into China's new culture and brand association. see these brands, you'll

think of some of the people and things. "
by singercute | 2011-06-30 12:40

interactive community of louis vuitton bag

Women show off their wealth has been the object of Internet users willing to Paizhuan recently have users in Mop, interactive community forums, post the banner, so
louis vuitton messager m93225 lv bags

show off their wealth and women who have to escape, and solemnly introduced a "LV aunt" when the aunt with the LV bag garbage bags, garbage in the streets clean. Post

a rapidly fueled the cult. louis vuitton bag
The text of the posts very few friends "lace fans," recently Mop hodgepodge posting said: "At noon on the way to go, suddenly saw I was taken aback, this is the rich

people do, so women show off their wealth all go to hell! "later, the User posted a group picture, showing a female sanitation workers are carrying garbage bags and a

louis vuitton damier ebene canvas neverfull pm n51109 lv bags
broom in cleaning the lens closer and found her in the hands of the garbage bags are is the "LV bag." Can see from the picture, the female sanitation workers was very

calm, carefully swept into the garbage bag in the LV, then referred to the next bike.
After looking at many users, directly dumbfounded.louis vuitton bag
User "sword Allure" said: "I can not stand, ah, too much bad."
User "Flowers Blooming", said: "show off their wealth? This is called a low-key. Show off their wealth and women who are out of the way, LV aunt tell you what is

meant by the rich."
Friends "unshakeable", said: "In fact, luxury goods would have been nothing special usefulness ah, ma'am this is directly to the luxury prodding, who says LV can not do

when the garbage bags?"

Friends "laughed", said: "Sister is not English, only know how to Hanyu Pinyin in the Pinyin input method, enter the 'lv', the output is the 'donkey' ah. Anyway, how many

Chinese people know the full name does LV ? "
User "moon breeze", said: "This, LV bag full of back with a cup!"
But there are also users questioned said: "This bag is fake, right, or ridiculous." There are friends that this is someone deliberately Funny, in the spoof of luxury, to earn

click-through rate.louis vuitton bag
Dry your products into the food in the "LV", I tell you, this is not impossible! This is not only possible, but must be the future trends in the food industry. Because the

next stage of the competition, the competition is the brand
Lv with the same rush to grab the Nanjing People's cabbage is not bad money
by singercute | 2011-06-30 12:34

like herve leger dress

The first is to restore the production herve leger dress milk; second is pasteurized milk must be 2 ℃ ~ 6 ℃ refrigerated, shelf life herve leger dress 3 to 7 days; The third
herve leger bandage

is the pure milk (UHT milk), can decentralization months at room temperature, also known as milk at room temperature, the supermarket is selling a box herve leger

dress boxes.

Pasteurized milk and nutritious and easy to absorb calcium

Currently, we drink the most milk are "high-temperature sterilized milk," careful you can milk bags "milk category" column found in the term. This means that although

we can now drink milk have a longer shelf life, but at the expense herve leger dress nutritional value as part herve leger dress the cost herve leger dress milk, because

milk at high temperatures some nutrients have been damaged.
herve leger high neck bandage
China milk industry's leading authority, Professor Northeast Agricultural University, said Professor Luo Cheng-xiang, room temperature milk to achieve room

temperature storage and long shelf life for the purpose herve leger dress the use herve leger dress more than 135 ℃ the UHT process, so that most herve leger dress the

loss herve leger dress milk nutrients. And "pasteurized milk" is to avoid this problem. Refers to the use herve leger dress pasteurized milk pasteurization process herve

leger dress milk, with 75 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ low temperature sterilization herve leger dress pasteurized process, to ensure milk safe to drink at the same time, to maximize the

life herve leger dress the material to retain the activity herve leger dress milk and nutrition, fresh activity herve leger dress calcium-rich dairy ingredients, more

conducive to calcium absorption.
by singercute | 2011-06-23 18:36

most herve leger dress

Foreigners drink cold milk

In television we often see foreigners always come from the refrigerator and pulled out the milk safe to drink, some people have suggested that we Chinese people do not
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follow, because the constitution is not the same and foreigners, but many parents prefer to put a little milk heat it up to give the child to drink.

In fact, the majority herve leger dress foreigners to drink milk is "pasteurized fresh milk," must be stored under refrigerated conditions, and pasteurized, the milk

sanitation standards can, without reheating, so they are drinking cold milk. It is reported that pasteurized milk in the foreign market share up to 95%, and our country are

few. The reason is, to our current terms herve leger dress logistics and storage conditions, and pasteurized milk by the more expensive the constraints and other reasons, it
herve leger asymmetrical neck

is difficult to universal access. But experts also said that pasteurized milk is one herve leger dress China's dairy industry development, I believe that in the near future,

most herve leger dress us will be healthy and nutritious drink pasteurized milk.

You know what types herve leger dress milk do sub-

Milk, divided by category mainly on three. According to AQSIQ and the Ministry herve leger dress Agriculture jointly issued the "Marking on strengthening the

management herve leger dress liquid milk," which consists herve leger dress liquid milk: reconstituted milk, reconstituted milk do is to use raw materials; fresh milk /

milk, is to fresh milk as raw material, processed by pasteurization; milk / milk to fresh milk as raw material, do not add accessories, the instantaneous heat sterilization

by singercute | 2011-06-23 18:35

a virtual literary Herve Leger Dress

a virtual literary

community, can have hundreds of thousands of registered users; readers of literature and electronic media, of millions of dollars per day. All of these are the traditional
herve leger single strap bandage dress

paper-based carrier can not. Development and changes from a literary point of view the author's literary order, died. With the electronic media era, the last in a

professional poet, writer, author of the mainstream pattern has been broken. For a long time, literature has always rests in the hands of a minority, as their professional

herve leger single strap bandage gray dress
work and livelihoods. Poet, novelist, literary ediHerve Leger Dress r, literary critic, they are "cliques", Zhanshanweiwang. They hand literary hegemony, leading literary

development. Them within the system, the Financial possessor, is the country's pen. Although there is not a paid professional poet, professional writer, but the number is

very limited. Network literature, literature and the emergence of mobile phones, overnight it emerged hundreds of millions of amateur writers. They may not be feature-

length films, but can a striking phrase. Spread through mobile phones, text messages and cell phone Herve Leger Dress make literary fiction moments households. They

come from civil society, is the grass family, but the soil from the recent literature. They see literature as the norm for fun, do not take it Herve Leger Dress the streets

Herve Leger Dress the family line. Their work did not even leave his name, but you can word of mouth, radio Stagecoach. A literary movement of national carnival,

swept every corner of the earth. Changes in the development of literary readers from the point of view, order literature, died. With the electronic media era, the past, the

high-level intellectuals, the pattern of the mainstream audience has been broken. Herve Leger Dress appreciate literature, has long been regarded as the level of taste, is a

thing worthy of honor.
by singercute | 2011-06-21 17:03

going with Herve Leger Dress

Marina political poet leaves the end of 2006 issued a "literary dead" declaration, causing widespread concern in the literary world. I do not agree with this argument,
herve leger single strap armor trim black dress
because it does not fit the facts. Can draw the logical conclusion: electronic media, and literary order, died. Development and changes from the perspective of literary

genres, literary order, died. With the electronic media era, the past, poetry, novels, essays and other mainstream genres of the pattern has been broken. Before the

herve leger single strap armor trim navy green dress

appearance of the text, we are all "throat throat yo yo" faction. Text appears at the beginning, there is no poetry, novels and other stylistic distinction. The establishment of

the mainstream literary genre, is the result of previous practice of writing, but can not become the shackles of literary works. With the deepening of the practice of human

writing, a new literary genre will follow. Internet, mobile phones and other modern electronic media of the strong intervention, and gave change of literary genres Herve

Leger Dress provide a new arena. Forum, blog, web chat and other interactive, and will continue Herve Leger Dress live birth of a new literary style. Variation of the

traditional genres and grafting, also contributed Herve Leger Dress the literary genre of the richness and diversity. We only need Herve Leger Dress consider "what Herve

Leger Dress write," without going Herve Leger Dress consider "what is written." Literature is an innovative business, literary genre is. Changes from a literary point of

view the development of the carrier, order literature, died. With the electronic media era, the past, books, magazines, newspapers, mainstream carrier pattern has been

broken. We have Herve Leger Dress admit, more unsatisfacHerve Leger Dress ry literature printed books, newspapers in the literature also showed a shrinking trend, a

number of literary magazines Herve Leger Dress survive difficult or even collapse. Instead, the network literature, literature and mobile phones are in the ascendant,

Herve Leger Dress flourish. Literary websites, literary forums, e-reader, mobile phone magazines springing up, are numerous. Literature, a cell phone game, you can

collect tens of thousands of articles of literary works; a literary portal, the click-through rate can reach hundreds of thousands more every day;
by singercute | 2011-06-21 17:02

I have Herve Leger Dress

to Herve Leger Dressbedroom. At that time I have moved out to rent an apartment, and now want to come unfortunately, can not go with them to spend every night, to

experience those

days with them, but overall I feel Herve Leger Dresstime we, everyone or high-spirited, even if uncertainty, destination undecided!

I was Herve Leger Dressfirst one to determine Herve Leger Dresswhereabouts of 12

signed copies of Herve Leger Dressbeginning of Herve Leger Dressfirst companies above; next semester HU P study section of Herve Leger Dresssmall child and results

came out, had a small P lucky line, was

successfully admitted by Zhejiang University, are still pursue a Ph.D. degree; HU son, unfortunately, after all, is a multi-disciplinary inter-school, not over Herve Leger

Dressline, it is

conceivable that time and he was depressed; F Columbia because of Herve Leger Dressproblems of English level 4 could not find suitable. So we had to encourage Herve

Leger Dresschild and Herve Leger DressF
by singercute | 2011-06-18 17:09

do you have Herve Leger Dress

covered, often surprises people, one day he suddenly said he would consider Herve Leger Dressgraduate student Department of Sociology, National People's Congress,

would also have Herve Leger Dress

test I had Peking management or economic class graduate intention, but eventually decided to go out yo say, so I strongly support his decision, can not do things their own

hope he can do, then quite admire his courage in!

HU child began to pro forma. Senior year last semester from Herve Leger Dressbeginning of Herve Leger Dressbedroom to differentiate into two

camps, I and F's brother running at various job fairs, keep written interview, also refused to others refused by others; HU promoter and P are starting off small hard study

section days, starting even earlier than roosters, get up every morning fifty-six points to account for a seat, then sit in Herve Leger Dressstudy room one day, until 10 pm

before returning
by singercute | 2011-06-18 17:08

duty to fight


形成した。 2008年の監査委員会は、18州の監査結果の有料道路上で公開する方法大規模な、我々は利害のパターンを見ることができます。北







い"と変装の他の名前が妨げに。法律上の回答の必要性の難しさ。二つ目はドッキング機構を持つことです。 "返済の手数料、およびローリン







by singercute | 2011-06-16 16:54

peaceful use

Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty," the relevant protocols will be an effective step in this regard.

Member believes that a country or small group of

countries unilaterally and without restriction to deploy anti-missile system could undermine strategic stability and international security.

Members stood for peaceful use

of outer space, the need to ensure the security of outer space activities. Advocated in the framework of the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva to develop on the

prevention of placement of weapons in outer space and outer space objects, or threaten to use force draft a legally binding treaty.

The Declaration stressed the fight against

terrorism, separatism and extremism in the SCO is still the main priorities of the security field. SCO member states condemned all forms of the "three forces" will

continue to jointly implement the "fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism, the Shanghai Convention" and "Shanghai Cooperation Organization anti-terrorism

conventions' provisions.

The declaration pointed out, transnational crime, illicit drug trafficking is a serious threat to modern society. "

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States 2011-2016 drug strategy" designed to strengthen pragmatic cooperation and jointly prevent the threat of drugs on the

SCO region a negative impact, to ensure sustainable development in the region.

SCO support Afghanistan into an independent, neutral, peaceful and prosperous country,

will continue to assist the friendly people of Afghanistan for the efforts to rebuild the country.

Improve people's livelihood and well-being is the most important goal

Declaration that the SCO countries to improve people's livelihood and well-being is the most important
goals of the o

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