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force or motivation

If a person is determined to become the kind of person, or what is determined to make something, then, will the driving force or motivation make him all wishes come true, get it.

11: definitely the most suitable thing to do, do not cater to the tastes of others and do something that does not belong to themselves, "difficult." Once the "self-discovery", we should do our best, but a comprehensive understanding of themselves and their surroundings, know where to draw. herve leger strapless dress uk

12: The reason why many people get nowhere in life, the most fundamental reason is that in the end they do not know what to do. In the life and work, define their goals and direction is essential. Only know what your goals, you want to do in the end, you will be able to achieve their purpose, your dreams will become reality. herve leger strapless dress us

13: something useful only market. Based on the life can realize their value. Its pursuit of flashy things, as down to earth to do some real work. At work, first make their own work well. herve leger strapless dress usa

14: Many people are afraid to succeed, not less than the pursuit of success, but because their heart is also the default of a "high", this often implies a high degree of their subconscious: success is not possible, there is no way to do to. "Psychological high" is a person can not achieve one of the root causes.

15: fetching water, as martial arts, martial arts as a man. Gradual, progressive realization of the target in order to avoid many unnecessary frustration.

16: Competition in the field of life, who did not establish clear goals is not easy to be successful. Many people, and no lack of confidence, ability, intelligence, is not established goals or do not select the right target, there is no path to success. This reason is very simple, as a crack shot in the hand of God, fire, and if he aimlessly began shooting indiscriminately, it can not win the game.

by singercute | 2011-05-30 18:17

establish confidence

People often use "beyond its capability" to stop trying to excuse their own, in fact, there is nothing impossible to a willing, positive thoughts can overcome almost all obstacles to the world.

5: Many people feel physically unable to cope, often the psychological crux. Maintain a happy mood on physical health is very helpful. "Not afraid to have hope," cope with the difficulties is the case, dealing with disease as well. herve leger strapless dress stores

6: Dr Simon Gordon, said: "You have your life more than you think the right to dominate, even if such a nasty disease that like cancer, but also in the hands of you." He added: "The fact , you can use this power of the heart, to decide what kind of quality of life. " herve leger strapless dress supplies

7: Despite some shortcomings, there are still chances of success. As long as you are willing to admit their own shortcomings, and actively strive to exceed shortcomings, or even convert it to develop their own opportunities.

8: self-confidence is the essential quality of all successful people, one to be successful, we must first establish confidence, and you if you want to build confidence in themselves, which should sweep streets like a general, first of all the streets would be equivalent to the most negative wet dark corner of the inferiority cleaned, and then planting confidence and to be consolidated. Confidence-building, new opportunities will follow.

9: A great man who never admit that life can not be modified, he may find he was not satisfied with their environment, but he's not satisfied with not going to complain and not make him happy, but filled with an enthusiasm that he want to break a career.

by singercute | 2011-05-30 18:15

far enough

Spring, is full of vitality, hopeful, the spring morning not more so?
2010 yantai tests the full marks composition: always want to sing a song for you

When the soul is watered, elegant after you out was a scent. All the way from the soul walks, you are my desert along the only oasis. I want to sing a song for you, mom. coach uk

Time, find slip past through the footprints. Now, I already crowded in the high school life, still on track by your company. Years of this does not forgive people, carver in your face wrote several silk already slight wrinkle, but you are still in my heart young. Mama, you are an oasis in my heart, ever old? You are not so young? I will sing a song for you, the lyrics include: you will forever young. coach us

I have hope, far enough to let my fruits aromas charmed, I study hard, want to let oneself will never betray your hope, and this process, you... You make efforts even more than me. Still clearly remember that winter nights, standing outside the school gate, figure in the crowd, for her daughter's face by anxious into happy; total Still remember those days in the kitchen WeiLiang also busy figure, meticulously for me breakfast, and urge I must finish eat in school again, still remember... For you, I remember too much. I'd like to have these think into a song lyrics and include your various toil. Pay

The wind walk in the rain, love in mind mediocre. Countless rainy days, if you follow the wind in the rain, for I send shuttling raincoat, still remember you that wet, and leave the sea water drips continuously. It is a stream of love in my mind, flows. I would like to give you sing a song, sing your love for me, sing that will never change of love.

With hope and life bright; Years also with hope and green. After countless failures, you always encourage me, let me do not lose hope, let me live in hope of. This course will also include the among you want of me. Therefore, I would like to give you sing a song, sing hope, let us all have brilliant life, have lush years.

I would like to give you sing a song, sing my mind love for you, sings our all, all between.

by singercute | 2011-05-28 17:36

general lightsome rain

Such as cotton, such as general lightsome rain, rain and gentle east generally just fine, just so soft, laughing in the breeze, waving in the breeze. So waving, waving... To the distance, through the endless soft continous woven into smoke general spring yarn, see a pink rosy clouds were unending marginal . coach stores

Near, near, flower beds are everywhere hitom, I was drown in the powder HaiTangHua overboard. So many flowers, a bunch of pile cluster in another, without leaving a little space above, it seems every piece of petals on all have a new life in vibrate, this beautiful HaiTangHua! They have on the leaf greedily sucking the crystal raindrops, some crowded ah crowded, crowded ah crowded, packed into the front, in the wind, in the rain, showing off his heyday era, some in the cheerful jump in green, a beautiful dance showing them joy, some slobber looking skyward, and raindrops are about their mind. coach supplies

The rain gradually big, I immediately ran into pavilion taking shelter from rain. Pavilion outside have one pond lake, the lake in the rain green, green, asing if is the ornament of brush in the three on green coat add a little ripples. Lake that was still exuding the mist is re-dressed in similar. The lake near a few girls - willow, their swaying gently in the wind and rain, lightsome ground light fondle oneself that green hair, lest hurt yourself that just the bud of son come out. Rain, finally stopped!

Everything around him seem to just have bathed general, so fresh, so bright.

At first, around very quiet, later, came up with a bird called. A sparrow flapping wings to fly out in the treetops, for a moment, for a little boy's footsteps startled, and flapping wings to fly into the nest, chatter, perhaps, chatter sparrow is to other nest of all the sparrows recounting just of what happened!
by singercute | 2011-05-28 17:30

Heaven in your hands

Mr. Smith sat on the roof, flood flows from its foot, when a small boat across to men in the boat shouted: "Hey! Come quick, I'll take you to the heights to go?" Smith shook his shook his head: "No, I believe in God!"louis vuitton bags

Gradually, the flood inundated the house. A motor boat approached, the boat people shouting: "Hey! Come quick, I take you out of here!" Smith still shook his head: "No, I believe in God!"louis vuitton wallets

After another child, floods Yandao Smith in the chest, a helicopter fly over, the pilot put down the rope: "Catch! Otherwise too late." Smith, or shook his head: "God will come to rescue me."
Flood eventually engulfed him. He lingers, met God, he asked puzzled: "I was so devout belief in God, why do not you come and rescue me?" God no alternative but to spread out his hands: "You want me how to do it? I've sent you two boats and a plane had! "
God only save lives and rescue those willing to actively save themselves, it can only use your own hands to save yourself, and he returned to rescue those who are cool on a spiritual world. Heaven in your hands, God is everywhere in the world.
by singercute | 2011-05-25 13:21

To turn Waner

Once, a long time about the two missing friends from home.
I drive the car about three people smile, quiet. Came to a junction turn left only because of distraction while talking straight ahead and said at that time, quickly bend left a terrible shadow Just like a big truck suddenly came to me hit In this critical juncture, I would strongly Niuxiang side of the wheel, only to hear, "Lang bang" sound, the car next to glimpse the whole colliding with a truck after the mirror, the body due to friction and there is also a large ugly scratches.louis vuitton outlet

At this time, the car less, "glaucoma" flood - my friend over two white face was turned into a tragic shock of green. In the awkward silence, I look left, look back and see their facial features and limbs are in place, and, intact, with the sinking, racing, virtual hanging in the heart, barely settled down.louis vuitton handbags

Not go the original restaurant, and no glimpse of the car after the mirror, must be immediately sent to the garage.
The joy of reunion vanished, we all looked down-hearted. Friends frightened still around, quiet, without a word; me, gray head and gray face, self-hatred in the hearts of self-Ai:
"If you do not cut corners and just walk on the path, do not experience this is not a bad idea? Also, the restaurant that day telephone set, if set in other places, not to lay off this accident?"
Remorse, regret, Hatefury have; a heart, like a crumpled paper, muffled, bitterly; after a while, I tried another angle to think this issue had a different instant feelings.
Bad times may absolutely fold it thousands of times, and now, friends, neither was injured, the car has no major bad, extremely lucky not it?
As a thought, unite in mind that a dark cloud leaves, suddenly it was an airy blown away.
After the car taken to a garage, my friends and I, happily eat Thai food a taxi.
Anything, happened after the parties to the dead end if the blindly stupid to go to drilling, the final will be suffocated in the secret alive, and sharp, no escape route in the horn. However, as long as gently turn a Waner. Bright sunlight, broad road, are there, waiting.
by singercute | 2011-05-25 13:15




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